Vanilla Chai Latte with Creamy Fudge Slices

January 17, 2022 1 min read

Vanilla Chai Latte with Creamy Fudge Slices

This combination of a cold beverage with a smooth ready-to-eat fudge tastes as amazing as it sounds. Needless to say that a cold vanilla chai latte is something that is utterly flavorful; at the same time, a delicious slice of fudge is something that makes one savor the entire experience.

It’s time for some mix and match to create a great combination of bite!

Cold Vanilla Chai Latte:

  • Mix 1 scoop or 3 teaspoons of Chaimati - Vanilla chai latte powder (0.5oz) with 2oz. hot water. 
  • Pour over ice and then add 2oz. of cold water or milk.
  • And viola, your tasty cuppa vanilla chai latte is ready to be sipped.

Handmade Kettle-Cooked Smooth Creamy Fudge Slices:

Our ready-to-eat creamy fudge slice is best served with a cold beverage such as a cold vanilla chai latte. Sliced into perfect pieces, easy to savor in the smoothness of the creamy fudge is likely to bring you a blissful feeling. 

This great combination is sure to entice you and have more of it. As it is one of the easiest to prepare, this combination can be a perfect evening option for anyone looking for an easy yet tasty snack to bite on to while sipping a delicious glass of chai latte.

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