Halloween Day Special_ Box of the month

As the moon casts an eerie glow, the night awakens with whispers of ghostly tales. Shadows dance to the rhythm of haunting melodies, and pumpkins flicker like mischievous grins. In the heart of this spectral symphony, souls don costumes, transforming into phantoms and witches, lost in a world between realms. Trick or treat, they cry, as Halloween's magic weaves a spell of enchantment and spookiness that lingers long after the final candy has been claimed. Here are some perfect ingredients that are sure to add extra delight to the day.

  • Indian Whole Brown Crimson Lentils (3.3 Pound)
  • Extra Long Indian White Basmati Rice (3.3 Pound)
  • Pride of India- Minced Onion (7 oz)
  • Pride Of India- Garlic Minced Whole (7oz)
  • Pride Of India- Natural Curry Leaf Powder Ground (8 oz)
  • Pride of India – Black Pepper Ground (1.65 oz)