December 02, 2020 2 min read


Christmas is almost here and so are the merry vibes! 

It’s the time of the year when there is nothing but happiness around. The happy faces, loving families, and of course the amazing food! 

Talking about Christmas and not talking about all the delicious meals around the holiday, that can’t happen. 

So to make your holidays ever so special, we at Pride of India bring you December Box of the Month, a Christmas Special Box full of healthy and happy ingredients that will make your Christmas dinner all things festive! 

The Christmas Special Box contains: 

Organic Red Royal Quinoa 

Also known as the mother of all grains, Red Quinoa can easily be considered as one of the healthiest ones. It is gluten-free, very high in fiber and protein, making it an amazing ingredient for controlling blood sugar levels and enhancing metabolic health. 

Be it a salad or a fancy recipe, It can easily make a delicious side to make your Christmas celebrations even more fun and special. 

White Sesame Seeds Raw Unhulled 

These oil-rich white seeds are a great and nutritious source of fiber and plant protein. 

Sesame Seeds can make some amazing dessert recipes. 

It can easily be incorporated in all your Christmas dishes adding just a sprinkle of it. 

Organic Assorted Signature Variety Tea Bags

Probably the best way to wake up is with Breakfast tea in bed but if confused about which one this Variety Tea Bags Pack has all your favourite kinds of teas to bring the Christmas morning vibes right to your homes!  

Himalayan Black Rock Salt 

Want to add a little bit of right spice and also the goodness of health in your daily meals? Black Rock Salt would do just that for you. 

It helps in weight management and also takes care of your hair health while adding amazing taste to your recipes. 

Chili Chickpea Papadum

These crunchy and healthy munchies can easily be one's all time favourite snack. 

It is a digestive and a good appetizer for your Christmas dinner that helps increase the metabolism. 

Enjoy the crispiness of our Chilli Chickpea Papadum and try your own Papadum recipes with a twist! 

Get your box of the month this Christmas and make the day all the more festive and special! 

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