This Box of Care contains: 

Whole Dark Kidney Beans

Being an excellent plant-based source of protein, the kidney beans contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

It supports weight management and helps in regulating blood sugar levels. It is also an amazing ingredient when it comes to making unique recipes, while also bringing the right tone of taste in curries and even in recipes like tacos! 

Whole White Sesame Seeds 

These oil-rich white seeds are a great and nutritious source of fiber and plant protein. 

Not only do they help to reduce inflammation and maintain cholesterol, but also make one's bones stronger. 

The versatile quality about these seeds is that they can be sprinkled on any kind of dessert or dish. A dish made completely out of these seeds can also be prepared especially desserts like sesame bars. 

Darjeeling Black Tea 

With a strong flavor and more caffeine than other teas, black tea is one of the most popular kinds of tea. 

Loaded with antioxidants, black tea helps in maintaining weight balance and boosts heart health. A cup of black tea is all you need to have a peaceful time with yourself! 

Organic Red Chili Ground

With sizzling hot flavors, every dish seems to be incomplete without this spice; but giving a spicy flavor is not the only quality of red chili. It also helps greatly in maintaining good digestive health and promotes healthy brain function. 

It's no wonder that most cuisines are difficult to imagine without this spicy addition!

Chili Chickpea Spicy Papadum 

These crunchy and healthy munchies are easily an all-time favorite snack. It's good for digestion and a good appetizer that helps increase the metabolism. 

Enjoy the crispiness of our Chili Chickpea Spicy Papadum and try your own Papadum recipes with a twist!

Celebrate Independence Day with this Special Box of Care and make delicious, healthy recipes to commemorate the holiday!