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With the festivities of Easter in the air, how can one resist all the delicious dishes after all? 

Easter is a festival of joy, a happiness in its truest form. So here we are with our April’s Box of the Month, to celebrate this special day with you and our perfect ingredients to compliment your favourite Easter dishes. 

This Special Box Contains:

Organic Cinnamon Ground

Oh the sweet spice that makes everything nice! 

Used in icings or simply to enhance the sweet taste, cinnamon is loaded with medicinal benefits and antioxidants. 

Make your Easter desserts extra tasty with just a pinch of cinnamon which can easily be incorporated in so many different dessert recipes like the famous Cinnamon Buns and Pies!  

Organic Garlic Fine Ground 

Garlic is something that can easily bring out the best of flavours in a meal. Just put some garlic and voila! The entire taste goes on a whole other level. 

Apart from being highly nutritious, Garlic is known to work amazingly for heart health so be it taste or health, it’s always a win with garlic. 

Indian Whole White Garbanzo Beans 

A prominent part of the legume family and a perfect partner for an Easter side salad, garbanzo beans help in improving digestion aiding the weight management, and maintaining the blood sugar levels. 

It is also a great replacement for meat in the vegan dishes and people can enjoy delicious salads with loads of veggies to make a perfect healthy snack especially on the holidays!

Indian Brown Basmati Rice 

Brown Basmati Rice is one of the quickest and easiest foods to make and compliments almost every other ingredient. 

This whole grain bundle of nutrients helps in maintaining heart health and keep you energized throughout the day whilst controlling your blood pressure levels and weight. 

Pairing the rice with any kind of curry, chicken or just cooking it with veggies would be enough to help you out with tasty food options this Easter without compromising your health!

Mung Bean Tikka Papadum

These crunchy and healthy munchies can easily be one's all time favourite snack. 

It is a digestive and a good appetizer for your Easter holiday dinner that helps increase the metabolism. 

Enjoy the crispiness of our Mung Bean Tikka Papadum and try your own Papadum recipes with a twist!

Get your box of the month and celebrate this special holiday with a festive spirit and great health!

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