Superbox for supermoms

May 01, 2022 2 min read

Superbox for supermoms

A motherly affection is the purest form of love one could experience; and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, let’s cherish the love and comfort we always felt with our mothers. Our Mother’s Day Box of the Month is dedicated to all the supermoms who work relentlessly to shower us with all the love in the world. The superbox for supermoms is a well-constructed pack of products inclusive of different varieties of nutritions - all in one place.

So, this Mother’s Day, let’s all give our mothers a much-needed burst of nutrition that she always used to miss while trying to take care of us all along.

Our Superbox for Supermoms contains:

Triple Omega Superseed Mix - Chia, Flax & Sesame Superfood Jar

A mix of superseeds for all the nutritional needs is what describes this jar perfectly. It can be used in many different ways depending on the way you like them. Just take a handful of superseeds and add them to your daily intake.

Indian Bean & Lentil Superfood - Five Delicious Panchratna Dal Mixed Jar 

A perfect blend of Indian bean and lentils to give you that tasty and healthy feel in every bite you take. Not just that, you can also make delicious curries and savor the perfect blend of all the nutrition.

White Royal Quinoa - Protein Rich Whole Grain Jar

Get an instant burst of energy with our white royal quinoa and you are sorted for the day. All you need is a big enough scoop of quinoa, add it to a delicious pudding or smoothie, and make your recipes even more delicious.

Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

Relish the goodness of our Himalayan pink salt soap with every bath you take and feel relaxed instantly. This soap will give you a refreshing feel and make you want to take those long, rejuvenating baths more often.

Salty Black Bean Papadum

Add crunchiness to your meals or even use it as a snack, this product of ours goes perfectly with anything. You could either deep fry it or make it in a roasted form for an even better taste.

Just because we are used to having that unconditional love from our beloved mothers, anything we do seems a little less. But, with all the love in the world, it’s time we do our best to make her meals a bit more nutritious, healthy and tasty.

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