WHOLETEA Natural London Grey Full Leaf Tea

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    • WORLD RENOWNED BLEND: Originally a gift of China to the British Prime Minister, our contemporary version of Earl Grey uses black tea with bergamot and vanilla essential oil making a delightful cup of tea every time. Enjoy the taste of the original every time you sip on a cup of Pride of India Earl Grey Tea.
    • FINEST QUALITY TEA LEAVES: We craft our tea only from the best of the tea leaves that are cultivated by trusted growers to exacting standards from the lush slopes of the Himalayas. We further process our leaves from the selected ones to give you the perfect moment in every cup.
    • BREW FOR FLAVOR: Unlike teabags, ours come in loose-leaf form so that you can brew it to perfection. Boil 1 ½ cup of water, add 1 tsp of Earl Grey tea and switch off the flame. Let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Strain and enjoy. Each pack gives you more than 80 cups of tea offering value for money.
    • ANTIOXIDANT RICH: Naturally rich in antioxidant properties, our Earl Grey tea is a fantastic way to calm and revitalize your senses in every sip. A full black tea with citrusy notes is ideal for any time of the day.
    • MADE FRESH: Made without artificial colors or ingredients, Pride of India Earl Grey Tea offers a wholesome experience. It is non-Bioengineered with the assurance that only the best has been pit in each pack for an experience that lasts longer.

    Pride Of India brings the finest Indian tea that is naturally cultivated on the fertile misty slopes of the Himalayas and carefully selected for its unique taste. Our ethically sourced single origin tea is hand picked, expertly blended, and sustainably packaged to nurture your health by providing essential nutrients in your diet.

    Brewing Directions


    • Place 2 cups of water in a cooking pot and bring it to a low boil.

    • Add 2 tsp of tea leaves and let the water simmer for 4-5 minutes for optimal flavor and strength

    • Add sweetener sugar as per desired taste.

    • Strain the leaves and enjoy the tea.

    Teapot: (We recommend our Tempered Glass or Gooseneck Tea Pots)

    • Add water into a tea kettle and bring to a rolling boil.

    • Add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for every 1 cup of water in a tea pot.

    • Pour boiling water from the kettle into the teapot and let the tea leaves steep for 4-5 minutes to get optimal flavor and strength

    • Add sweetener as per desire. Strain the leaves and enjoy the tea.

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